ASEL c.s.

KN4 power units are designed mainly to drive household sewing machines and heavy tailor's services. Other possible applications of these motors are grinders or sharpeners.

Included in the unit serial, AC motors are meant to be mounted outside the sewing machine body. They have contacts to connect a lamp to illuminate the sewing place.
Depending from the load they can reach 3000 - 10000 r.p.m. They provide a quiet, stable and failure-free operation for many years. They satisfy the requirements of safety standards.

The power unit comprises:

  • serial, AC motor of KN4 type
  • speed regulator type U-118/1
  • connecting cable

   KN4A KN4P
Voltage V 230 230
Frequency Hz 50 50
Current input A 0.5 0.5
Consumed power W 90 90
Effective power W 41 41
Torque Nm 0.087 0.087
Speed min-1 4500 4500
Rew. Direction   left right
Weight kg 1.6 1.6